GHVCC orphanage provides hope, care and the best possible start in life to HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans, abandoned and destitute children and teenage mothers by restoring ,nurturing and empowering them to grow into reasonably well-adjusted productive members of their community in the future.

RESTORATION: Offering a stable and safe environment where they are receiving hope and healing from their past, through spiritual guidance and counseling.

  • Offering the children spiritual nourishment, counseling, guidance and Christian teaching.
  • Weekly support, counseling and accountability forums for teenage mothers.

NURTURING: Providing basic needs and healthcare in a family setup

  • Providing accommodation, food, Education and shelter from toddler to high school age.
  • Ensure children are protected from an form of abuse , discrimination and harmful substances
  • Integrate them into a child-sponsorship program for the orphans.

EMPOWERING: To facilitate access to formal and informal education, equip with practical skills and applied technology for economic development thus a productive and self reliant member of the society. 

  • Train and equip post secondary students and teenage mothers with income generating skills and vocations.
  • Supporting community development initiatives through partnerships to provide sustainable safety nets for transitioned (from GHVCC) to the community.
  • Introduce small scale farming on the project site to help in the self-sustenance of the project.
  • To provide for widows to help them jump start small businesses which will keep them occupied and productive.