To use a wholistic approach to  improve the quality of life of the families and communities within the Ipali area  with a special focus on  the orphans and teenage mothers by restoring, nurturing and empowering them to be the best they can be.

Luanda TownThe major problem is the spread of HIV and AIDS in Ipali community due to ignorance, cultural setbacks and poverty. Luanda being the nearest big town is situated along the Kisumu-Busia highway and is a stopover for long distance truck drivers. Because of this, just like any other major town in Kenya, it is challenged with many social evils such as violence, child and adult prostitution, drugs and substance abuse, street children, poverty, alcoholism etc. Due to poverty, many youths from the villages around relocate to Luanda town and indulge in these social behaviours as a means of survival. This in turn increases the chances of the HIV virus spreading amongst the members of the community, especially the vulnerable ones.There is also wide spread stigmatization of those that are infected by HIV. This has led to them being neglected or shunned in the society as people do not want to be associated with them.

Due to cultural practices and beliefs as well as lack of education, some members of the community are unable to distinguish between disease and witchcraft. People tend to think  that diseases like HIV and AIDS are cause by supernatural powers, specifically witchcraft. It is because of these beliefs in witchcraft that some of the orphans whose parents have died of HIV and AIDS infection are abandoned and in some cases, shunned. People in the community avoid associating with these children who are believed to be bewitched in fear of being affected by the same evil spirits. Consequently, these children are left hopeless and destitute.

Another issue adversely affecting this community that has led to the wide spread of HIV is the high level of poverty and lack of good income generating activities. This has led to the increase of people brewing and selling illicit alcohol from their homes as well as in bars. Due to idleness and easy availability of this cheap alcohol, people indulge in drinking to pass time and in the process end up having unprotected sex which leads to the spread of HIV and other STDs. Luanda TownAnother consequence to this is a high rate of teenage parents, children born out of wedlock, orphans, Widows and widowers in Ipali Sub-location.

As an organization, we aim to extend our love and compassion to this community by reaching out to these orphans by offering them life’s basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medication and education as well as providing alternative income generating activities for the teenage parents and widows.

Read the Daily Nation article dated Friday 19 July2013